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V Film Festival FICC



The Film Festival FICC has the objective to recognize and to value audiovisual works of filmmakers and to encourage them to more qualified productions, and also to guide the creative process, articulating technical and production expertises, offering tools to the development and enlargement of new productions

The Festivak is in its 5th edition, and is accomplished by the Agenda Cultural Brasil, based in Flamengo – Rio de Janeiro.


The V Film Festivak FICC also objectives to form new looks, to give visibility to the filmmakers and their works, to join the directors, producers, actors, professionals of arts, players, distributors, exhibitors classes and to join also personalities connected to the cinema activities.

It intents to encourage the professionals to produce more qualified works to disseminate values and to foment the culture, and also to consolidate an exhibition space, broadcasting, awards and national and international projections.


The awards’s ceremony of the 5th Film Festival’s FICC edition will happen at the 15th November at the Big Room of the Cidade das Artes, located at Rio de Janeiro – RJ.


Art. 1º. The inscriptions will be opened at the period from 01st April until 15th June 2017.

Art. 2º. The enrolled movies must be finalized until the 15th June, and sent until the 23:59h.

Art. 3º. The movies’s inscriptions are free.

Art. 4º. It is allowed the inscription of 01 (one) or more audiovisual works per Productor / Director. There is no limits of titles, but works registered at previous editions cannot participate.

Art. 5º. The Productor / Director must send the movie’s link, and also send via post office 10 DVDs of each work.The material will be  available for the Judging Commission, for researches and publishing.

The adress to send the DVD will be given via e-mail.

Art. 6º.  The inscription’s file (via the website) must be filled until the 15th June, and the Declaration signed by the Productor / Director to be sent via e-mail until the date.


Art. 7º. At the Inscription’s File must have:

  • Work’s Title 2) Director 3) Photography’s Director 4) Productor 5) Screenwriter 6) Technical completed team 7) Principal actors 8) Producer 9) Category  10) Gender 11) Work’s Duration 12) Production’s year 13) State of Origin  14) Synopsis 15) Movie’s History in festival’s participations (when it is the case) 16) Movie’s History with awards (when it is the case) 17) Movie’s Link

18) Observation to do about your movie 19) Contacts: Phone, Cell-Phone, WhatsApp, E-mail, Site, Blog, Facebook’s Link.

Art. 8º. At the filling of the Inscription’s File, select only one item at the Categories:

Feature AO -Feature – Media – Short – Documentário – Series – Animation – Clipe Musical Clip – The Minute’s Production – Foreign Movie

Art. 9º. Feature AO – Big Budget is the category of Feature National Films, with an investiment of R$ 5.000.000,00 or above this value.

Art. 10º. Minute’s Production – The producer or productor can register various productions until 60 seconds.

The production that exceeds the 60 seconds will compete at the Category of Best Short Film.

Art. 11º. The inscription will only be concluded after the receipt and fulfillment of all items listed at this regulation, otherwise the inscription will be invalidated.


The Curator is composed by two professionals of the audiovisual sector, and will do the curatorship of the registered material.

The Judging Commission is composed by five professionals of the audiovisual sector that will technically evaluate the movies.

Art. 1º. For the selection will be used the following rating criteria:

– Creativity

– Audiovisual Language

– Technical Quality

– Work’s Contextual Relevance

– Productions that fosters values

Art. 2º. The Judging Commission – are professionals that never participate of the production of the registered movies.

Art. 3º. All movies that follow correctly the inscription procedures will be analyzed by the JC.

Art. 4º. The JC will analyze all movies and will choose the 3 (three) better by category.

Art. 5. The JC President will use the right to vote only in the case of a tie.

Art. 6º. The JC decision is sovereign and will not be a subject to appeal.

Art. 7º. The selection’s result will be published to all up to 01st August at the website


Art. 1º. Categories’s Order

Feature Film’s Category

Best Direction

Best Actor

Best Actress

Best Script

Best Photography

Best Arts’s Direction

Best Costume

Best SoundTrack

Other Categories:

Best Media Footage

Best Short Film

Best Documentary

Best Series

Best Animation

Best Music Video

Best Minute’s Production

Best Foreign Movie

Themed Movies

Best Teen Movie

Best Socio-environmental

Best Fiction

Best Evangelistic Movie

Art. 2º. Detailing about the most new Categories

Best Minute’s Production

This is one of the new year’s news, the Minute’s Production.

The producer or productor can register various productions until 60 seconds.

The production that exceeds the 60 seconds will compete at the Best Short Film Catagory.

Best National Movie

The national movies registered at the Feature, Media, Short Film, Documentary, Series , Animation and the Minute’s Production participate do the Popular Vote and the public will decide the best national  movies.

The producers that participate of the Popular Vote must send  the movies to the YouTube, Vimeo or another channel with an easy way for visualization.

Best Teen Movie

All registered movies participate of the category, and will be awarded the one that is more identified to the Teen’s universe. (12 to 18 years)

Best Evangelistic Movie

All the registered movies participate of the category, and will be awarded the one that better transmits the evangelistic message

Best Foreign Movie

The movies have no restriction about the time and the year of production. The movies  must be dubbed or subtitled in Portuguese. Movies produced in Brasil by a foreign Company can participate at the category of Best Foreign Movie.

Regarding the inscriptions and criteria’s analysis, comes the same regulation.

At the the category participate all movies, being Feature, Medium, Series, etc. Analysis  is not the movie’s duration, but Yes the techinical quality, work’s script, between other criterious.

Art. 2º. Up to the 01 August, the public will be instructed in how will vote at the Best National Movie Category.

Art. 3º. At the Award Ceremony, the outcome of each category will be published during the ceremony, and will be given the Awards and Certificates to the winners.

Art. 4º. The teasers of the 3 best selected movies will be exhibited at the screen in alphabetical order.


Art. 1º. The producer / director must send via e-mail the movie’s cover, making off and the necessary material for publishing, press, etc.

Art. 2º. The movies have no restriction about the time or year of production.

Art. 3º. Short movies, movies of 2 minutes until 15:59 minutes, Media footage movies of until 70:59 minutes and the Feature Film above 70 minutes, are considered.

Art. 4º. The Brazilian Producer or Brazilian film  produced out of Brazil must be composed of 2/3 of Brazilian Team.


Art. 1º. The National Movies’s Distributor that more exhibit christian national and foreign movies in national cinemas will be honored  and certified.

Art. 2º. The Television’s national Network that more exhibit Christian National and Foreign will be honored and certified.

Art. 3º. The movie that more invests in Environment will be honored and certified.


Art. 1º. The productor / director of the work declares at this regulation, for selection’s intentions, that has power to register it, and allows its exhibition, being the unique and exclusive responsible for the regularization of the author’s rights and the related, image’s rights, intellectual and industrial rights of propriety, and of computer programs, according to intellectual works, of any nature, artistic interpretations, interpretations and musical executions, as: images, include dor synchronizes at the presented movie (s), exempting the Agenda Cultural Brasil of any claim about this issue.

If is there questions of others in respect the the exhibition’s rights of the works through the FICC, the director is committed to give to the Festival the assistence necessary to confirm and allows the exhibition, that is given through this present regulation.

Art. 2º. The director must send a DECLARATION about the Copyrights of the works registered according to the item above described.

Art. 3º.  The Cinema Festival FICC’s organization has a right to exhibit the movies to the publishing effect in any media.

Art. 4º. It is exclusively to the Festival’s Organization to clarify possible doubts, as give decisions about the questions that are not included at this regulation.

Art. 5º. The Festival’s Organization can ask to the director other materials that are being necessary.

Art. 6º. The participation at the Cinema Festival FICC implies acceptance and compliance of all terms and conditions settled down at this present.


Veronica Brendler

FICC’s Director


Tel. +55 21 – 3547 0121

Cel. +55 21 – 98077 7779

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